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Rainbow Fish: A Shiny New Musical

This January, Spectrum will be producing a second run of productions of The Rainbow Fish: A Shiny New Musical at the Strong Museum of Play!

Check out everything the Strong Museum has to offer:


The Rainbow Fish: A Shiny New Musical is a charming adaptation of the beloved children’s book by Marcus Pfister. It tells the story of Little Blue, a lonely little fish who only wants to be noticed. His life is changed forever when he meets Rainbow, a beautiful fish with scales of every color.

The Rainbow Fish is both funny and heartwarming, perfect for children and adults alike! With themes of kindness, generosity, and self-acceptance told through pop, rock, jazz, and gospel songs, this exciting new work by Rochester-based composer, Alec Michael (Book, Music, and Lyrics) is not to be missed!

The world premiere took place in September as a part of the 2015 Rochester Fringe Festival at Blackfriars Theatre in Rochester, NY. The show received overwhelming praise from audiences and played to nearly sold-out houses. Check out our review in City Newspaper:


Spectrum is thrilled to be presenting The Rainbow Fish at the Strong Museum of Play in January. Performances will be:

January 9th – 11 a.m., 1 p.m., & 3 p.m.

January 10th – 1 p.m. & 3 p.m.

January 18th – 11 a.m., 1 p.m., & 3 p.m.

The Rainbow Fish: The Musical is brought to you by Spectrum Creative Arts, marking the launch of Spectrum’s brand new Theatre Department! Check out all Spectrum has to offer here:


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A note from the composer:

11096663_982199845145866_3414554022948859795_nThe Rainbow Fish started off as an exercise in composition. I wanted to practice composing in different styles of musical theatre including 1920?s jazz, gospel, rock, and contemporary pop. I chose The Rainbow Fish because it was one of my favorite books as a kid. The story already had a dramatic arc in place, something I could easily work with. I had no idea that as I began writing, the experience would became much more than just a compositional exercise.

Originally, I chose to write a children?s show thinking that I wouldn?t have to worry about creating themes, characters, or general storytelling. In my mind, the book would do all that for me; and to a certain extent it did. But as I began to put music to these characters, their personalities blossomed, their wants and needs became increasingly more complex, and the story took an unexpected turn. In my adaptation, the protagonist is Little Blue rather than Rainbow. Though both characters learn and grow, Little Blue?s development presents us with the central message of the show: ?We all have color. Yours is yours and mine is mine?but it?s not what makes you shine.? This message is what I want audiences to leave with.

After finishing the first draft of the show, I looked back at it feeling very proud. Not only had I gained valuable experience composing in different styles, I had gained experience developing characters over the course of a show, using music and words to amplify their emotions and journeys. I still never expected the work to ever be performed. In order to do so, I would need to obtain copyright permission from the publisher. This seemed like too much of a stretch for such a famous book. Consequently, The Rainbow Fish sat on the shelf for the better part of a year.

The time finally came to give the show a try as I began preparing for the 2015 Rochester Fringe Festival. I originally submitted a different show to the festival that didn?t end up working out. So, with two performance spots reserved at Blackfriars Theatre in Rochester, I decided to write to the author, Marcus Pfister to ask permission for the rights to perform my adaptation. Long story short, everything seemed to fall into place. I obtained permission, assembled a dream cast of some of the best actors in Rochester (and good friends of mine to boot), and with the help of my wonderful producers at Spectrum Creative Arts, started bringing the show to life.

Watching my work come to life in front of me has been such a joy! I am convinced that this show is something special that Rochester family audiences will enjoy, children and adults alike. It?s funny, touching, and vibrant. Not only that, it celebrates the launch of Spectrum Creative Arts? brand new theatre program!

I hope that The Rainbow Fish brings just as much joy to audiences as it has brought to me.

Alec Michael,

Book, Lyrics, and Music

Original Cast

Emily Putnam
Emily PutnamRainbow
Mandy Hassett
Mandy HassettLittle Blue
Laura Marron
Laura MarronWise Octopus
Kim Reinagel
Kim ReinagelRed
Kate Shannon
Kate ShannonOrange
Lauren McDonough
Lauren McDonoughYellow
Colin Pazik
Colin PazikGreen/Starfish
Raul Torres
Raul TorresPurple