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Private Lessons

In addition to private instruction in music and art, unlike most studios Spectrum Creative Arts offers private, one-on-one instruction in the areas of theatre and dance. Development within any creative arts field is unique to each student and often a very personal journey (especially in fields like theatre and dance that utilize the physical body as the creative medium). We are proud to provide individualized instruction to students as they navigate their creative journey and build lifelong interests in the areas of theatre and dance. Our highly-trained staff of theatre and dance professionals provides a safe space for students to explore their interests, step outside of their comfort zones, and unlock their creativity.

Private dance instruction available in:

-Tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary/modern, and partner/social dances

-Improv technique

-Learn/create routines

-Build vocabulary

-Develop choreography skills

-Prep for school dances

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Lesson Rates

30 minutes


45 minutes


60 minutes


Frequently Asked Questions

Any age! At Spectrum, content is tailored to the individual. Instructors are very cognizant of teaching techniques and repertoire that are age appropriate.

We typically recommend that kids start with a 30 minute lesson, one time per week. As the teacher gets to know your child, he or she may eventually recommend more time.

For teen and adult learners, we typically recommend a 45-60 minute lesson.

Theatre connects us to ourselves and the world around us. It acts as an outlet for creative expression and opens up the imagination to vibrant possibilities. It inspires confidence in voice, body, and mind. These are just a few benefits to studying theatre. But in reality, the benefits are countless!
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Looking for adapted opportunities?

We also offers several wonderful classes for students who require additional support in the learning environment. These classes are taught by instructors who specialize in adapting materials and techniques to meet unique learning styles. Visit our Winter 2017 catalog and look under our “Adapted Theater” section to learn more!
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2015 Fall Catalog
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