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Theatre at Spectrum is all about the individual. What do YOU want to get out of studying theatre? Perhaps you want to learn how to ground yourself and speak with confidence. Perhaps you want to study voice and acting technique in order to nail your next audition. Maybe you are interested in writing for the stage. Whatever it is, Spectrum can tailor its theatre instruction to fit your personal needs and goals. Theatre is for everyone! There is no need for prior experience or evidence of natural talent. Anyone can study theatre and reap the benefits of this wonderful art form. To study theatre is to study life! Through theatre, we learn about ourselves, the people around us, the relationships we build, and the journeys we embark upon. You are never too young or too old to be an actor, a singer, a dancer, or a playwright. Join us and see where your story takes you!


When in doubt, dance it out. Spectrum’s newest department has toes tapping and hands clapping! Our dance department, led by veteran dancer and Spectrum music therapist Sheralyn Fenton, offers a wide range of styles from ballet to Broadway, from tap to the two-step. Get movin’ and groovin’ with styles like lyrical, jazz, contemporary, or social dances in both individual and small group settings. Through dance at Spectrum, students will learn to unlock physical barriers and identify goals, explore new forms of movement, and challenge themselves to take a step outside of their comfort zones in a safe, creative environment. Gearing up for a school dance but not sure where to start? Learn the basics of partner dancing with our highly trained, friendly staff. Whether you pirouette like a pro or you’re just getting started, we offer instruction at all levels and for all ages. Interested in setting up small group or private lessons? Give us a call today!

Private Lessons

Work 1:1 with a private instructor to explore acting, improvisation, or voice to to take your theater skills to the next level. Click here to learn more!

Group Classes

Spectrum Creative Arts is debuting several brand new theater classes for the 2018 Spring Semester! Click here to view our Spring catalog!

Rainbow Fish

Spectrum Creative Art is proud to debut its very first theatrical production – Rainbow Fish: A Shiny New Musical. Click here to learn more!

Spring 2018 Classes and Programs

Registration is open for our 2018 Spring Semester! Check out our catalog for a complete list of the classes and programs we will be offering this season. The last day to register is April 6th and spots are going quickly! Give us a call at (585) 383 – 1999 or complete your registration by filling out the form below to reserve your spot today!

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