September 22, 2017

This week I began participating more within sessions and even leading a little bit. I also started a couple of new things, which included piano lessons with Megan, My Stage with Wade and Noa, and learning some bass guitar

I played “Love Me Tender” with two different clients, each participating in the music differently. My accompaniment and leadership was not as strong as it could have been, but I know now how I need to practice in order to improve it for next time.

In a session with Noa, I led a guitar warm up for her student. Noa helped me through the instruction as I was having trouble conveying my goals for the warm-up to the student. I think that once I know the student a little better I’ll have a better handle on what is easiest for her to understand and what techniques work best for her. I also led the hello song for another one of Noa’s clients. Again, my leadership was not as strong as it could have been musically, but I know now what I need to practice.

I’m very eager to become more familiar with my schedule and to form a better handle on my daily tasks because I think that feeling a little overwhelmed and disorganized has restricted my feeling confident enough in actual sessions. Now that I am learning more ways to play instruments and even learning some new instruments, my goal for the coming week is to set up a practice schedule that I can stick to every day.

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