On Gratitude, the Arts, and Building Relationships

With the holiday season ahead of us we’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the theme of togetherness and our role as artists, musicians, therapists, and teachers in bringing the community together through the creative arts. We’ve had the pleasure of connecting with so many students, families, and community leaders over the past few years and we are incredibly thankful for all of the relationships we’ve formed along the way!

As educators and therapists, we often have the unique privilege of witnessing the impact the arts have on an individual and the way they connect to themselves, their loved ones, and their community. Whether it’s by helping a student meet like-minded peers by participating in an ensemble, or supporting a student’s social development so they can better communicate with others, helping our students make social connections is such a valuable part of the work we do.

Over the past month, we invited students, parents, and our own staff members to share stories of how they’ve witnessed the arts bring people together in a powerful way. We want to thank everyone who participated in these interviews and shared their stories! And special thanks to our front office manager, Eboni Jones for collecting these stories!

In our first interview, AutismUp Director of Education and Support and Spectrum parent, Rachel Rosner, shares her feedback on how music lessons have encouraged her children to grow as individuals and make valuable connections with their community and their peers.

In this next video, Art Department Chair and music instructor, Ben Sheridan, shares two examples of how he has used both art and music bring people together in unique and inspiring ways.

Lastly, one of our students, Kayla Hanson, shares the impact her music lessons have had on her development as a songwriter, and how her passion for music has opened up new opportunities for meeting people.

As we head into a busy holiday season, we are grateful for the opportunity to reflect on how blessed we’ve been to work with such a wonderful community! We hope you’ve been inspired by the stories we’ve shared!

Happy Thanksgiving, from the Spectrum Team!


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