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Welcome to The SHINE Program

Our mission is to empower young adults to make meaningful social and community connections through active participation in the creative arts.

SHINE offers person-centered and strength-based creative arts classes that focus on developing social, vocational, and creative skills in an accessible and supportive environment. SHINE is designed to empower young adults to make meaningful connections with their peers and community through active participation in the creative arts. Students who attend our classes have the opportunity to engage in a variety of unique creative offerings, including music ensembles, creative movement, fine art classes, social group, and community outings. SHINE is held at Spectrum Creative Arts, a dedicated center to the arts, located in Pittsford, New York. SHINE classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00-12:00, with the extension classes and ensembles until 2:00.

Program Overview

We believe that each individual possesses a unique set of interests and strengths. Our aim is to design curriculum that encourages individuality through the creation of a supportive group environment in which students can showcase strengths and collectively build upon need areas. In SHINE, we consider flexibility to be essential. Our highly qualified instructors specialize in adapting materials to fit the distinct needs of our students. Because our classes are rooted the arts, we are passionate about finding creative ways to engage with new material on a daily basis.

A Supportive Social Environment

We place emphasis on fostering positive social connections within the peer group, staff, and members of the community. In each class, students engage in opportunities to enrich social skills in a positive and supportive environment.

Community Connections

We value the unique qualities our students possess and view those attributes as vital contributions to the community. SHINE is enriched with opportunities for students to make connections within the community, both on-and-off site, through engagement in outings, projects, and work study arrangements.

Engagement in Creative Arts

Our facility at Spectrum Creative Arts was built to showcase the creative mediums of music and art and their unique propensity for empowering individuals to recognize and share his and her distinct creative abilities. Our intention in SHINE is to cultivate a creative landscape for our students in which meaningful connections can be made and discovered.

SHINE is comprised of on-site core classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 to 12:00, as well as a selection of extension classes from 12:30-2:00 that include themed group offerings in art, music, and theatre. Our customizable class structure allows students to create schedules that address their particular needs and interests. Core Classes consists of The Spectrum Buzz! (social group), Create & Relate (art group), and Tune It Up! (music group). Each of these sections will be facilitated by one of our highly qualified faculty members. The class schedule reads as follows:

  • 9:00-10:00: Circle of Friends: Through the expressive arts, participants engage in a variety of experiences designed to develop and build upon existing skill sets, as well as explore new ways to navigate their daily social environments.
  • 10:00-11:00: Create & Relate: The art medium can provide a safe modality to explore, learn, and develop skills. Using a variety of art materials, individuals will participate in art directives that go beyond basic arts and crafts. Under the guidance of a highly skilled art instructor, the individual will create art to develop skills related to daily living such as: socialization, communication, emotional processing, and self-expression. Furthermore, the art process will go beyond the walls of Spectrum as individuals will be encouraged to practice skills learned within the greater Rochester art community.
  • 11:00-12:00: Tune it Up! The group music experiences in SHINE center around developing interpersonal, social, and developmental skill areas. Instructors design improvised or composed musical interventions to encourage each participant to engage with the music and improve skill sets across targeted domain areas.
Students have the option to participate in an assortment of extension classes?that take place from 12:30-2:00 directly following core classes. Examples of these add-on classes are listed below:

  • Individual Instruction: Students interested in pursuing individual music services or music instruction can incorporate these services as part of their afternoon schedule.
  • Group Offerings: Group classes with peers from the core class segment are led by our music, art and theatre staff. Group experiences range in vocational and creative qualities and skill sets. Group class offerings include:
    • Podcasting Club: Students will explore various aspects of creating, producing, and recording a radio show, or podcastVocational skills include technology set-up and takedown, operation and maintenance of equipment, leadership, problem-solving, and content development.
    • Art Shop: Participants will employ their creative prowess to create, market, and sell a variety of handmade crafts and art pieces. Vocational skills include marketing, setting up and maintaining an online and in-house shop, and using money.
    • Lunch Club: Students will explore menu planning, nutrition, grocery shopping, and food preparation in a supervised setting to raise an awareness and consciousness of the dietary choices we make on a daily basis.
    • The SHINE Ensemble: This music ensemble focuses on developing musicianship and performance skills. Students will explore playing both familiar and new instruments, as well as different performing styles and musical genres. Ensemble members will learn strategies and skills to connect with their fellow performers as well as the audience. Music units of study will showcase the history of music, music from different cultures, music theory, and music reading competencies.

Last summer, Spectrum transitioned all classes to a pre-pay model in which classes are billed for the entire semester, at the beginning of the semester. This was done primarily to simplify the invoicing process, but also to bring our policies more in line with other community-based classes. As a courtesy to our Shine students on third-party billing and annual plans, we delayed the roll-out of this policy for Shine until Jan 1, 2017 to make the transition easier for everyone. Effective this year, Shine classes will be billed quarterly – but invoices will be broken down into monthly amounts to minimize the impact on third-party reimbursement. The Shine calendar and billing dates will be implemented, as follows:

Q1 (Class Dates 1/3/17-4/1/17) – 12 weeks – 24 classes (accounting for Winter Break)

January Invoice (Sent 1/10, Due 2/10) $960

February Invoice (Sent 1/10, Due 3/1) $960

March Invoice (Sent 1/10, Due 4/1) $960

Q2 (Class Dates 4/3/17-7/1/17) – 12 weeks – 24 classes (accounting for Spring Break)

April Invoice (Sent 3/1, Due 4/1) $960

May Invoice (Sent 3/1, Due 5/1) $960

June Invoice (Sent 3/1, Due 6/1) $960

Q3 (Class Dates 7/5/17-9/27/17) – 12 weeks – 24 classes

July Invoice (Sent 6/1, Due 7/1) $960

August Invoice (Sent 6/1, Due 8/1) $960

September Invoice (Sent 6/1, Due 9/1) $960

Q4 (Class Dates 9/28/17-12/22/17) – 12 weeks – 24 classes (accounting for Thanksgiving Break)

October Invoice (Sent 9/1, Due 10/1) $960

November Invoice (Sent 9/1, Due 11/1) $960

December Invoice (Sent 9/1, Due 12/1) $960

Join Us

Interested in learning more about how to get involved with SHINE? Contact us today to schedule a free observation and consultation with one of our teachers!


SHINE Teaching Staff

Lindsey Oliver
Lindsey OliverTeacher
Sheralyn Fenton
Sheralyn Fenton
Meirav Cafri
Meirav Cafri
Molly Phillips
Molly Phillips
Shelby Dahlson
Shelby Dahlson
Andrea Schaertel, Intern
Andrea Schaertel, Intern


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