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Individual Sessions

Our creative arts therapy services utilize music and art as a treatment modality to address established clinical goals in physical, cognitive, social/emotional, communication, and wellness domains.

Individual therapy is most often provided weekly in 30-, 45-, and 60-minute increments. Depending on the level of need, the frequency of therapy can be increased or decreased upon consultation with the facilitating therapist.

Individual sessions support exploration of music and art mediums to facilitate targeted skill acquisition, independence, self-expression, and development. In the individual therapy setting, clients have the unique opportunity to work one-to-one with a therapist to develop specific skill areas, and begin generalizing those skills into desired contexts and environments.

Creative Arts Therapies are often effective when working with individuals who benefit from non-traditional approaches to skill acquisition by nature of the familiar, non-threatening, and motivating qualities of the arts.

Here at Spectrum, we recognize the significance of the client-therapist relationship, and seek to place the client with a therapist who possesses specific skill sets, training, and/or background related to the goals of the client to enhance the therapeutic experience.

Session Rates

30 minutes


45 minutes


60 minutes


Frequently Asked Questions

Each child is completely different and therefore it is hard to put a specific age on when a student might be ready to start individual lessons. However, there are some indicators that your child might be ready for this experience:

  • They can follow simple directions
  • They can attend to an activity for approximately 30 minutes
  • They would be comfortable working with another adult

The best way to find out if you child is ready is to schedule an initial consultation with us! During this visit, your child can meet his or her teacher and do a sample lesson.

We typically recommend that kids start with a 30 minute lesson, one time per week. As the teacher gets to know your child, he or she may eventually recommend more time.

For teen and adult learners, we typically recommend a 45-60 minute lesson.

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Looking for individual creative arts therapy services at your facility/organization? No problem!

In addition to providing in-house services, our therapists also travel to organizations within the Rochester and surrounding communities. If you're interested in setting up services at your facility, contact us!
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