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Consultation and Assessment


Our specialized creative arts therapy team is available to share their expertise on a variety of music therapy, art therapy, and other related topics and clinical services. We contract with individuals, families, departments, treatment teams, or organizations, to assist you in evaluating, developing, supporting, or improving your current programming. Services may include on-site assistance, in-service training, direct support with an individual/treatment team, program development, or a variety of other specialized workshops/requests.


Conducted by one of our certified or licensed therapists, a formalized assessment of function is performed to determine strengths and weaknesses in target skill areas (communication, psycho-social, emotional, physical, cognitive, musical, and other relevant areas) and the affect music therapy interventions may have on those skill areas. The assessment process includes review of previous documentation/reports, interviews with members of the treatment team, scheduled observations, direct assessment sessions, and a formal evaluation report.

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