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Adapted Instruction

In addition to traditional private lessons, Spectrum Creative Arts also offers adapted instruction for students who require additional support in the learning environment. Adapted lessons are taught by instructors who specialize in adapting materials and techniques to meet unique learning styles. Some examples of adaptations could include the use of alternative musical notation, physical modifications of instruments or creative materials, and/or visual aid supports.?Adapted lessons include quarterly documentation progress sharing with caregivers and families, facilitated by the instructor.?

Adapted lessons are perfect for students who?

  • Struggle with focusing on a single topic for a long period of time (for example, sitting at a piano bench for the entire lesson)
  • Have specific developmental needs that require an adapted approach to lesson material
  • Have specific physical needs that require an adapted approach to technique and material

What is the difference between adapted lessons and music therapy?

The primary difference between an adapted lesson and a music therapy session is the content focus. Our music therapy sessions are typically focused on working towards non-musical goal areas such as social, cognitive, and physical development. Our adapted lessons are focused on learning and exploring music.

There is definitely some overlap! For example, a student in a music therapy session will undoubtedly learn about music through the various interventions they participate in, and the student in an adapted lesson will experience growth in a number of non-musical areas as well. The difference is primarily in the focus of the lesson.

Adapted Lesson Rates

30 minutes


45 minutes


60 minutes


Frequently Asked Questions

Adapted lessons allow students to work on learning a specific musical or artistic skill with the support of their instructor.

Therapy services, while incorporating arts-based interventions, focus on developing personal goals such as improving social skills, working on fine/gross motor skills, etc.

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