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AdvancED is a series of engaging educational experiences designed specifically for active seniors. Each course is carefully crafted to support the individual needs of continuing learners through interactive programming that provides physical, psychological, and social benefits. Developed and implemented by Rochester’s own Spectrum Creative Arts, AdvancED offers a variety of arts-based classes, ensembles, and entertainment options. Interested in learning more? Give us a call at (585) 383-1999!


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This multimedia class uses video clips and interviews as well as interactive activities to engage residents in a review of influential men of music. Highlights of this class include musical performances and video interviews by Glen Miller, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, the Rat Pack and much, much, more. Even the ladies will love the music of these influential men of music.

A multimedia experience you don’t want to miss! Residents will engage in interactive games, discussions, singing and viewing of popular music from famous movies. We will take a musical journey through not only the music but also the lives of actors and actresses of the time. Highlights include Elvis Presley, Bob Hope, Shirley Ross, Audrey Hepburn and Frank Sinatra. This star studded class will be sure to get your residents reminiscing about the movies of their past.

Music of a younger generation that will leave your residents snapping. This fun, interactive class provides an opportunity for your residents to explore music of a younger generation, namely the 50’s and 60’s. Highlights include music and video interviews of Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Folk greats and Motown superstars. Get ready to energize your residents with this upbeat trip down memory lane.

This unique class specifically addresses and follows the great activities your site has already scheduled. We will shadow special holidays and events with themed musical experiences each resident is sure to enjoy. This class is a great way to engage residence in reality oriented activities with peers through interactive and engaging music activities.


We provide the bells, we provide the fun! Let the beautiful sounds of tone chimes fill your hallways this year with songs that everyone knows and loves. Participants will engage in this easy music making experience that is tailored to the ability level of your specific group. Either through chords or melodies, this ensemble will wow their peers with pleasing sounds.

This is not your average sing-along. Let the men and women of your facility join voices in a new way, discovering harmonies and voices they never knew they had. This fun and interactive class approaches harmonies in a whole new way. Everyone can feel successful while singing their favorite songs.

This unique ensemble is tailored to the musicians currently living within your facility. The instructor will work directly with these individuals to blend their sounds and work together to produce a quality musical product. No matter how big or small, this ensemble provides your musical residence a chance to make music together under the supervision of a qualified music educator.

Who doesn’t love the ukulele? This easy to play, youthful instrument has made a comeback in popular music in the past few years. Participants would engage in beginning chord structures and theory, quickly moving into a group accompaniment of favorite songs. Ukuleles will be provided.

Provide the theatre and comedy lovers of your location a chance to explore the stage with this unique opportunity. Based on the interest and skill level of participants, this interactive and energetic class will engage actors through short skits, comedy improvisation and/or musical excerpts. Get ready to entertain your residence with an end of session performance.

The name speaks for itself. This class allows for the interest of your residence to act out scenes or just reminisce and listen to the music of their favorite Broadway hit musicals. Either way, this experience is bound to engage your residence through group discussion.

This creative movement class is designed to get everyone involved! Great music from the decades guides the group through purposeful and artful movements. Low impact and low intensity make this a great way to experience the body in motion. Different brain and body connection are explored throughout each session as we stretch, balance, focus, breathe and connect.

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