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Welcome to Groove 2 Grow!

Groove 2 Grow is an early childhood music program unique to Spectrum Creative Arts. Created by board-certified music therapists on-staff at Spectrum with specializations in human development and related psychological processes, all aspects of the program were carefully crafted to merge the complex realms of music and psychology to create a developmentally-driven approach to engagement in musical experiences. Spectrum’s Groove 2 Grow program is led by board-certified music therapists, whose extensive training in creating musical foundations for skill development lends to maximal caregiver and child experience.

Groove 2 Grow’s board-certified music therapists specialize in the application of music-based experiences to target skill development across social, emotional, motor, cognitive, academic, and communicative domains for both typically-developing individuals, as well as individuals with global developmental delays. The clinical training of board-certified music therapists provides the distinctive aptitude to support developmental learning through music, while also developing early musicianship skills.

Spectrum Creative Arts will be debuting the following classes in September 2016:

Sunny Seedlings

0-6 months

Caregivers and newborns will experience music together through movement, singing, and physical touch. This class aims to support caregivers by providing them with ample opportunity to bond through music experiences and foster healthy attachment. All activities will be tailored to support newborns at various stages of development. Come experience to joy of being in music with your little one!

 Sunny Seedlings Session Plan

Bitty Beans

6 – 18 months

Children will explore music-making through fingerplays, sing-a-longs, instrument playing, and dancing. Active engagement with parents and caregivers helps foster attachment and create important bonds that last for a lifetime — all through music-making fun!

Bitty Beans Sample Session Plan

g2g_circles_3Super Sprouts

18 months – 3 years

Musical experiences will continue to foster social development through engaging with peers and caregivers. Through instrument playing and dancing, children will continue to develop healthy motor skills while having a ton of fun!

Super Sprouts Sample Session Plan

g2g_circles_4Blooming Buds

3 – 5 years

Through active music experiences, children will continue to develop skills related to healthy development. Developmentally-derived creative activities will engage children in rich musical experiences that stimulate the mind and a love for music!

Blooming Buds Sample Session Plan

Class Schedule

Upcoming Sessions


Reserve your spot in one of our groups today by completing the registration form linked below. Our sessions run for 10 weeks, with groups meeting once per week for 45 minutes.

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Why Groove 2 Grow?

An Overview of the Benefits of Engagement in Music From the Early Childhood Perspective

  • Music is accessible to individuals of all backgrounds, as music tells a story that often transcends language or words. Music and play are two elements ingrained in a variety of world cultures, and have been prominent elements throughout social history. Music and play also have multiple applications in facilitating a number of the psychology-based benchmarks deemed critical to a child’s developmental trajectory.
  • Even our youngers learners can engage and connect in musical experiences with ease. Participation in music at the pre-school age presents added benefits of continuing to create social connections through reciprocal, music-based interactions, while also developing early academic skills for school readiness.
  • Participation in music making has the capacity to target skill areas across the spectrum of childhood development, including social, cognitive, emotional, communicative, motor, academic, and sensory domains. Music has the unique ability to target multiple skill sets simultaneously through engaging and collaborative experiences.
  • A study published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) found infants that participated in early childhood music classes demonstrated an increased understanding of social skills, self-regulation skills, and pre-verbal communication skills when compared to a group of infants that did not participate in weekly music classes. Article: <
  • Infants and caregivers that experience music together develop emotional connections. According to an article published in Parents Magazine, research cites that when children and caregivers move together in rhythm, Oxytocin – a hormone associated with feelings of happiness and joy, that is also present during nursing – is released into the bloodstream.
    Article: <>
  • Neuroscience research further supports that chemicals released into the bloodstream during shared music making between caregiver and child are foundational components for secure attachment, prompting healthy social-emotional growth through adulthood.
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