2015 Fall Catalog
  Check out our brand new Fall catalog for a complete listing of our classes and programs for kids, teens, and adults. Register is open until Labor Day!

Q&A with June featured artist: Jonathan Schnapp

"I think of each painting as a single picture from a larger story." Spectrum is thrilled to host Rochester artist Jonathan Schnapp's whimsical curiosity-piquing paintings in our lobby throughout the month. We recently had a chance to ask Jonathan a few questions about his work and his artistic journey. Learn a bit about Jonathan by [...]

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**Audition Announcement** Swing to your favorite oldies with our newest cover band: CHROME

Announcing auditions for Spectrum's newest musical ensemble, CHROME. Fill your summer with covers of your favorite timeless oldies tunes, performed by YOU! We're seeking artists ages 14+ of all ability levels, no matter your skills (vocals, playing an instrument, or dancing) and no matter your experience (none required)! The group will rehearse weekly on Mondays from 6 - [...]

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Take your creativity from 0-60 this Summer at Spectrum Creative Arts

Summer officially begins in less than a week, which means textbooks are closing, schools are sounding their final bell for the year, and students who enjoy studying the creative arts in school are already looking forward to next year's lessons and classes. Our team here at Spectrum Creative Arts is very excited to share [...]

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Congratulations to Spectrum’s Student Of The Month for May 2017 – Faith!

The team at Spectrum would like to congratulate 12-year-old Faith on being named Student of the Month for May 2017! Faith comes into Spectrum every week with a smile on her face, and spreads her laughter and light to everyone she meets. You'll find her saying "hi" to just about everyone, and it's hard not [...]

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Introducing AdvancED: Arts Education for the Golden Years

  Spectrum Introduces New Program for Seniors Seeking Arts Education Studies have shown that engaging in musical activities has the power to increase memory retention rates, heighten processing speed performance, and improve quality of life in senior citizens. AdvancED is a series of engaging educational classes and experiences designed specifically for active seniors. Each class [...]

WANTED: notorious, sneaky-eyed art thief

WANTED Criminal #9152013 Name: Artful Rodger Crime: Art theft Whereabouts: Unknown Creative kids, we need your help! Become a Creative Crusader and help us catch this sneaky-eyed international art thief. He's swiped a priceless painting and it's up to YOU to harness your creativity to help us get it back! "Creative Crusaders ... and the lost [...]

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Introducing our newest team member, Sheralyn Fenton!

"There is so much to explore and it is a new adventure each day. I feel this is where I'm supposed to be." May 5, 2017 The Spectrum team is tremendously excited to welcome Sheralyn Fenton to our staff! Sheralyn will be the inaugural instructor in our dance department, a piece of the overall creative [...]

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Director Wade Richards nominated for international award

April 26, 2017 Spectrum is very proud to share that director and board-certified music therapist Wade Richards has recently been nominated by the ANCA (Autistic Network for Community Achievement) for an International Naturally Autistic People Award in the "Community Mentor" category! The 8th annual award ceremony will be held in Vancouver, BC, Canada as part [...]

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Introducing April’s Student of the Month: Dalton Letta!

Spectrum is very excited to feature Dalton Letta as April 2017's student of the month. Dalton has been performing since 2006, when he first appeared as the reporter Phineous Trout in a production of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. He's drawn to performing not by the spotlight, but by the opportunity to express himself. [...]

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Registration is now OPEN for summer camp: Creative Crusaders … and the lost arts!

  It may not feel like it, but summer is just around the corner, and that means.....Summer camp! Kids ages 8-11 are invited to join us for a one-of-a-kind camp experience combining music, art, theatre, and adventure! Hosted in partnership with the Rochester Brainery, this camp is sure to be the highlight of your child's [...]

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