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About Us


Spectrum Creative Arts first opened its doors on September 15th, 2013 after many months of development and construction. Its directors, Megan Resig, Noa Ferguson, and Wade Richards, are three Rochester-based music therapists who decided to join forces to create a space that would not only allow them to better serve their existing client base, as well as to give life to a thriving arts community that provided an alternative to traditional methods of teaching.

Since its opening, Spectrum has grown to employ an excellent team of creative arts instructors and therapists.

Spectrum offers a unique variety of creative arts programming, including individual music, art, dance, and theatre lessons, group classes, and seasonal camps, in addition to individual and group music and art therapy services. Spectrum’s presence extends to the Rochester community and surrounding areas, providing services in early intervention programs, school districts, community centers, senior living facilities, day care centers, rehabilitation clinics, and group homes.

At Spectrum Creative Arts, we are passionate about creating exceptional learning experiences for individuals of any age and ability level.

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At Spectrum Creative Arts, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality arts programming to individuals of ALL ages and abilities. It is our mission to inspire and empower our students through active participation in the creative arts.

If you were to ask one of our instructors what a typical lesson looks like, you would most likely receive a multi-faceted answer. Here at Spectrum, we believe that each one of our students is unique, so a one-size-fits-all? approach is simply out of the question. Every piece of our programming from individual instruction, therapy, or group programs is designed to fit particular needs and maximize the strengths and successes of our students.
We believe that this approach to teaching and learning enables our students to experience the arts in a way that is personally meaningful.

As a small business, we believe it is crucial to function as supporters of our local community. Here at Spectrum, we:

  • Encourage sustainable growth of the arts
  • Provide meaningful and accessible programming
  • Participate in local outreach through concerts, information sharing, workshops, and more

Our strong belief in community impacts the way we interact with our students and community partners. We pride ourselves in involving families and caregivers with the learning process through dialogues, weekly reports, updates on our blog or newsletter, performance opportunities and more. We believe that the maintenance of strong relationships is an important tool for growth and continued progress.

Our Programs

2015 Fall Catalog
  Check out our brand new Fall catalog for a complete listing of our classes and programs for kids, teens, and adults. Register is open until Labor Day!